Konomad is a multidisciplinary unit of Japanese creatives, thinkers and makers, who curates art projects, publications and cultural projects. Our aim is to broaden the field of artists' activities through collaborative projects & cultural events as a platform and to showcase each unique journey of work and creativity by means of design, art directions and curations.

We also believe in the power of visual communications to enhance community relations. We are willing to help people and companies who needs their visual communication tools or designs to promote themselves and push out their boundaries.

Our wide range work includes posters, books, package/graphic designs, logo design, art direction, installations in art galleries and pop-up events (that are sometimes collaborative).

We invite those who see beauty in bringing concepts from abstract to existence. We are all dreamers, thinkers and doers.


konomad editions is an independent publisher curated by konomad. We produce selected artist' s publications which give context to their imaginations and aesthetics.

Our name konomad originates from the word ‘window’ [窓 mado] in Japanese (ˈwɪndəʊ) vindr "wind"+ auga "eye" and the word 'nomad' who is a member of a community of people who live in different locations, moving from one place to another.

We are the people wandering around the world.

konomad is currently based in Brooklyn NY.


Our Services>

Graphic design / Art direction / Consultancy

Publication / Catalog / Poster / DM / Corporate Logo



konomad editions は本を時代とジャンルを超えて、広がる、繋がる[作品媒体]としてとらえ、書籍の可能性を試していくためのpublisherです。